Jane Leah


+44 (0)7949 379 974

Jane Leah

PR Consultant; London based; Strategist & Planner;
Mentor & Coach; Proud Northerner;
TJPR Technology Woman of The Year (2009);
Founder & MD of Beam Agency (2004-2011)
acquired by Talk PR, part of M&C Saatchi group (2011);
Head of Technology, Innovation & Play at Talk PR (2012-2013);
Fan of live music, photography, an entrepreneurial spirit
and a smart idea.

“I’ve enjoyed every day of working with Jane Leah since we first started our UK PR program with her in 2007. Her strategic approach and extensive knowledge of the media landscape have garnered impressive press coverage, increased brand visibility and sales growth for Griffin in the UK. After all these years I still look to Jane for guidance in all things tech and media related, she knows her stuff!”

Jackie Ballinger Anderson
Public Relations Director
Griffin Technology

“Jane remains one of the best tech-PR leads that I’ve worked with. She asks lots of annoying questions to elicit the core value proposition of new products, and then thinks deeply about how to turn these into great press stories. She’s imaginative and engaging, and underpins it all with a great sense of humour.”

Mark Klein
Consumer Campaigns Manager
Windows Business Group at Microsoft

“In the noisy world of PR it’s very hard to find someone who will take the time to explain and evaluate what are the essential PR methods and tools companies should look to use and why, however Jane will. In my experience of working with Jane I have always found her to be diligent, creative, hardworking, the usual terms you’d hope you could apply to someone with Jane’s experience. What makes Jane different to work with is that she actively listens to concerns, no matter how big or small and is able to apply her experience to find appropriate solutions.”

Katie Teesdale
PR Manager
Fujifilm UK

“I worked with Jane for many years and, I have to say, it was the period of my career where I really learnt the value of PR. We shared good, fruitful times. Jane’s passion and creativity shines through every piece of work she has been involved in. She is one of the few that really understands consumer sentiment and instinctively knows the right path. Her dedication and attention to detail ensures her clients get top-level service and professionalism, whatever the budget. She also brings common-sense to the table and knows that ‘simple’ is often best; and also understands that ‘simple’ is the hardest to get right.”

Andy Stafford
Head of PR & Partnerships

“I’ve worked with Jane for many years, dealing with her and her clients in the technology sector. Jane truly understands the specific needs of the client, the retail channel and today’s ever changing media landscape – and ensures that all agendas are met. She is adept at launching new tech brands to the media, as well as developing PR campaigns for established businesses.”

Sean Hannam
Editor of ERT magazine

“Working with Jane is always a pleasure. She throws herself into projects whole-heartedly and effectively. Jane’s knowledge and experience are complemented by her manner and tact, this rare combination allows creativity to flourish and delivers fantastic results. Jane publicised my ‘Young Souls’ body of work and through her efforts, the exhibition and film netted a fantastic amount of press.”

Dean Chalkley
Photographer – Director

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jane for the last ten years. As the founder of IWantOneOfThose.com I asked Jane to help us transition from our previous PR agency to an in-house PR. It turned out that Jane did such consistently high quality work for us that we ditched the in-house PR idea and she spent the next five years establishing IWOOT as a UK brand leader. Her grasp of brand, social media and the irritating demands of a fussy client never ceased to impress me and my team.”

Tim Booth